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SPRIM Global Investments leverages its unique vantage point to invest in companies that provide R&D capabilities to bring life science innovations to patients around the world. Our portfolio of R&D Services and digital technology companies are addressing many of the pain points that Biotech, Medtech and CRO companies experience across the different clinical stages of drug and device development. Additionally, SPRIM Global Investments leverages its unique vantage point in clinical stages to invest in Biotech and in Medtech.


Digital Clinical Solutions

Medical Devices

Pharma R&D Services

Flexible strategies including equity and debt through specialized vehicles

Investment Vehicles

Direct Equity Investments

Trial Cap Venture Debt Financing

Venture Fund

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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies leverage the capabilities and network of SGI investments in R&D Services/CRO, Healthcare IT and digital solutions with presence in 17 offices, strategically placed throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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