Sgi Ivan Jarry

Ivan Jarry


Ivan Jarry is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SPRIM. Since 2001, Ivan has consulted for some of the top companies in human health, leading global oversight of the SPRIM organization and international engagements. Ivan has opened and managed offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Ivan also Co-Founded SPRIM Ventures in 2015, as well as multiple start-ups in med-tech, sitting on the board of several. Additionally, in 2017, Ivan Co-Founded SPRIM’s first VC fund, TKS1, a joint venture with Tikehau Capital chartered to invest and grow early-stage, health-focused technology companies.  As part of this, SPRIM has invested in and helped create a multiple new startups through SPRIM Ventures and TKS1.

Prior to joining SPRIM, Ivan founded UrbanPass, a French media property and publication venture which produced content for 180,000 monthly subscribers, now known as digital communication agency Siteo.


Masters in Business Management from the EDHEC Business School in Paris.

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