Genesis Research Announces Acquisition of Evid Science

Genesis Research LLC (GR), a Value Demonstration Company providing Real World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) services to the health and life sciences industries, announced today that it has acquired Evid Science Inc (“Evid AI”), a leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform in the life sciences industry.

Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ USA, GR provides end-to-end strategy, evidence generation, and communication services powered by its deep expertise in Real World Evidence (RWE). GR client solutions incorporate data strategy, comprehensive RWE partnerships, data science and analytics, economic modeling, biostatistics, digital platforms, and scientific communications. Through its patented technology, Evid AI provides AI-powered scientific literature search tools for life science companies. Together, GR and Evid AI will provide revolutionary, trusted, and practical RWE-based value demonstration to their clients.

“As the healthcare industry continues to embrace AI technology to expedite research and drug development, we are thrilled to join together with Evid Science to provide cutting edge, technology-enabled services to our clients. Evid Science is a leader in AI and machine learning in our industry – rooted in scientific rigor, quality, and most importantly transparency.” said Frank A. Corvino, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Genesis Research. “With Evid Science, GR will now have a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence to extract insights from the literature with greater speed, quality and comprehensiveness than ever before. For our sponsors this means shorter timelines, lower budgets and enhanced quality assurance.”

“We are excited to join the Genesis Research family. As an innovation-driven leader in RWE solutions, Genesis is the ideal place to continue the evolution of Evid’s AI technology. By layering Genesis’ service excellence onto Evid’s AI, we will provide faster, deeper and more accurate results and outcomes to our customers. Combined, we are the next generation of technology enabled life science services,” said Matthew Michelson, Founder & President of Evid Science.

Genesis Research is a well-respected, trusted functional service provider that has been serving life sciences companies across multiple therapeutic areas including Oncology, Central Nervous System (CNS), Immunology, and Inflammation. GR’s quality research and novel client engagement model allow life sciences companies to better understand and articulate their products’ value. GR’s work facilitates increased access to treatment, optimal clinical management strategies, and improvements in quality-of-life for patients, and decreased burden on healthcare systems.

Steve Arikian, Chairman and Co-Founder of Genesis Research, added, “GR has always focused on innovation, and the combination with a company as exceptional as Evid AI will ensure we continue to be a leading innovator in the industry for years to come.”

About Genesis Research:

Genesis Research is a Value Demonstration Company that serves as a Functional Service Provider to the Life Sciences industry, delivering Real World Evidence services to satisfy regulatory, payer, and commercial requirements throughout the product lifecycle. As a leader in evidence development and communication, Genesis Research also supports clients with unique services such as rapid response analytics, outcomes simulation, and payer data collaboration. For more information about Genesis Research, please visit

About Evid AI:

Evid AI, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, provides cutting edge AI and machine learning technology for scientific literature searches across the life science industry. The Evid AI team brings a new level of technological expertise to ensure scientific rigor and efficiencies across HEOR, RWE, Market Access, Medical Affairs, R&D, and product launch. For more information about Evid AI, please visit