ObvioHealth Announces a Groundbreaking Partnership with Dedalus Group to Unite Real World & Clinical Trial Data

Obviohealth Announces A Groundbreaking Partnership With Dedalus Group To Unite Real World & Clinical Trial Data


NEW YORK – June 7, 2021 – ObvioHealth, a global virtual research organization (VRO), is bringing clinical trial data fully into the continuum of care through a new strategic partnership with Dedalus Group, the leading healthcare and diagnostic software solutions provider in Europe. The partnership will unite ObvioHealth’s proprietary decentralized clinical trial tools with Dedalus’s software solutions, connecting the dots between clinical research and EHR(Electronic Health Record) data while supporting healthcare providers from 6000+ hospitals and clinics across the world to deliver care to more than 330 million patients.

The initial stage of the partnership will allow sponsors and other research organizations to collaborate with HCPs who can provide meta-data insights from patient records without moving or revealing any actual EHR data. This will enable researchers to conduct granular prognostic and predictive analysis for improved study design and recruitment of more precise subpopulations of patient cohorts, giving healthcare professionals and their patients the opportunity to contribute to and/or participate in research, while maintaining full control of their data, in compliance with stringent European privacy and data safety regulations.

“At a time when personalized medicine is on the rise and the ROI on drug development is declining, we must make research dollars work harder,” says Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “There is tremendous and rich data available on any number of disease states, comorbidities and biomarkers that can inform clinical trials.The integration of clinical research with the data that sits within EHRs has the potential to be a game changer.Dedalus and ObvioHealth are enabling more precise identification of cohorts for trials while also facilitating longitudinal analyses that can identify new indications and/or long-term impacts of certain treatments.”

“With this partnership, we are aiming to improve translational medicine through a spectrum of options: from decentralized trials…all the way to synthetic trials, leveraging the full potential of existing real-world data to allow for clinical learning and validation of all kinds of therapeutical approaches,” adds Dr. Michael Dahlweid, MD, PhD, the Chief Product& Clinical Officer at Dedalus Group.

In keeping with the goal of improving the continuum of care, the partnership will also offer researchers data services outside the boundaries of traditional clinical trials for the purposes of training AI enabled tools and/or developing diagnostic instruments that can provide deeper and/or longitudinal analysis of certain disease states.In parallel, the collaboration will enrich healthcare provider insights by integrating point in time clinical research into the daily workflow of Dedalus’s network of hospitals.

“Up until now, the clinical trial environment has been very separate from that of the care universe. The data from each is structured differently and there is no common language, requiring a tremendous effort to extract and homogenize data with suboptimal results,” says Koenraad Batselier, Vice President Life Sciences at Dedalus Group. “By helping researchers to gain insights from the full sets of GDPR-compliant, real-world data for their trials and giving clinicians access to more clinical trial opportunities for their patients, we are bringing the two worlds together. This has the potential to accelerate and improve clinical trial outcomes, while contributing to a better continuum of care. We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with ObvioHealth to bring this innovative platform to market.”

About Dedalus

Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider inEurope, supporting the digital transformation of 6100 hospitals and 5300 Laboratories worldwide, processing it’s solutions for more than330M patient records. The company recently announced the successful acquisition of DXC Technology’s global healthcare information technology (ICT) business, strengthening its position as a specialist healthcare ICT company, with one of the largest digital health research and development teams in Europe.

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