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The CoolStat is a completely new way to manage patient temperature. Unlike other cooling systems, the CoolStat does not use cumbersome cooling pads or large refrigeration carts. The CoolStat is the ultimate in simplicity. It cools using only dry, room temperature air, based on a simple technique referred to as evaporative cooling.

The CoolStat blows dry, room temperature air into the nose and over the nasal turbinates in a unidirectional fashion before flowing freely out of the mouth. The nasal turbinates are highly vascularized, mucus-containing membranes with a large, convoluted surface area. As the dry air from CoolStat flows over the moist turbinates, it induces the liquid water and mucus on the turbinates to change phase, from a liquid to a gas. This phase change pulls energy out of the body, causing systemic cooling.

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