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SPRIM Medical, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, was founded in 2004 by Raison and SGI and owns Shanghai Raison Testing Service Co., Ltd (accredited by CMA Laboratory) and Shanghai Raison Bioscience Co., Ltd (in the field of Human Genetics Study and Basal Metabolism Laboratory Study). We help drive forward the data collected from clinical trials in the fields of Nutrition and Cosmetics. Depending on the sponsors requirements, we do this by providing a full medical service on clinical trials in China and Thailand. As a professional CRO, we conduct all clinical trials strictly based on “ICH GCP” and align with SOPs under an obligation of human ethics and quality guarantees from the initial concept development right through to publication.

Our head office is based in Shanghai along with multiple labs in Shanghai, Xi’an and Bangkok. Our central lab is equipped with the best medical equipment to meet the needs of the international market in clinical and pre-clinical trials and provides a unique platform for diagnostic and medical technologies.

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