VCTC is a UK based patient centric clinical trial site that eliminates the burden of participation and facilitates the rapid recruitment of patients. Our pioneering processes take clinical trials to our patients, providing access to all, generating diversity and quality data through a compassionate, expedited virtual clinical trial process.

At our core we enhance the clinical trial experience for participants and sponsors leading to expedited timelines, reduced cost and ultimately bringing products to market quicker.

This is, and always will be, a core part of VCTC.

Go Virtual:

  • 73% of all clinical trials fail due to a lack of enrolment

  • Average dropout rate across all clinical trials is 30%

  • 70% of patients live >2 hours from a clinical trial site

  • Significantly improved participation amongst rare disease patients

  • Increased participant enrolment and retention rates

  • No geographical restrictions supports greater participant diversity

  • We bring new treatments to market faster and reduce the cost of research

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