AC Health Announces Investment in Fibronostics

Ayala Healthcare Holdings, through its technology arm, Vigos, expanded its digital portfolio with a recent investment in SPRIM’s sister company, Fibronostics. The agreement was signed by AC Health President and CEO, Paolo Borromeo, AC Health Chief Digital Officer, Christian Besler, and SPRIM Ventures Managing Partner, Dr. Michael Shleifer last May 31, 2019.

As part of the partnership, AC Health will launch two Fibronostics products, LiverFAST and HealthFACTR, in its FamilyDOC clinics. LiverFAST is a proprietary algorithm that analyzes 10 biomarkers from a blood sample to help screen and monitor common liver diseases. The test is intended to be a simple and less expensive option to other diagnostics, such as liver biopsy or liver imaging. HealthFACTR, on the other hand, is as a 10-minute metabolic health check-up solution that provides immediate risk assessment and personalized recommendations, based on the latest medical guidelines.